50 Totally Awesome Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Skills Activities are so important for small kids. Fine motor skills are small muscle movements that are coordinated with the eyes. The development of fine motor skills is important because they are used for a number of important functions such as writing, zipping, buttoning, and learning to tie a shoe.

I have complied a list of wonderful fine motor skills activities for kids that are sure to boost your child’s fine motor development and provide countless hours of fun!

Fine Motor Skills Activities Kids Toddlers Writing Preschool

50 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Children

1. Toddler Fine Motor Activities from Love, Play, Learn

2. Super Simple Pudding Painting from Love, Play, Learn

3. Oatmeal Playdough from Love, Play, Learn

4.Using Empty Paint Bottles for Sensory from Train Up a Child

5.Painting with Playdough from Train Up a Child

6. Fine Motor Activity: Rubber Band Passing Game from Hands On As We Grow

7. 15 Fun Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers from Kids Activities Blog

8. Fruit Loop Sensory from Love, Play, Learn

9. Tissue Paper Heart from Love, Play Learn

10. Easter Egg Toddler Activity from Creekside Learning

11. Playdoh, Spaghetti, Cereal, Buttons, Straws…Oh My! from Time For Play

12. Pool Noodles and Golf Tees from Time For Play

13. Easy DIY Fine Motor Skills Activity from One Perfect Day

14. Toddler Activity: Fine Motor Skills with Pom Poms from Hands On: As We Grow

15. 30 Kids Activities & Materials for Promoting Fine Motor Skills from Hands On: As We Grow

16. Fine Motor Acorn Play from Teach Preschool

17. Everyday Fine Motor Play in Preschool from Teach Preschool

18. Thrifty Thursday- Fine Motor Skills from the Dollar Store from Mess for Less

19. Bees Sensory Bin & Honey Painting from The Good Long Road

20. Ten for Tuesday: Raisin Activities! from The Good Long Road

21. One Tip for Introducing Scissors: Use Playdough! from Mama OT

22. Pattern Towers with Spaghetti from Moms Like Me

23. Fine Motor Activities With Marshmallows and Toothpicks from Little Bin for Little Hands

24. Kids crafts: Space Invader Hama Beads from Red Ted Art’s Blog

25. Kids Crafts: Sewing with Kids Lavender Bags from Red Ted Art’s Blog

26. Pretend Play- Playdough Cupcakes from Creative Playhouse

27. Pom Poms and Pinchers from Creative Playhouse

28. Montessori Practical Life Activities from Living Montessori Now

29. Fishing for Words from 3 Dinosaurs

30. Push and Pull from We Can Do All Things

31. Milk Caps And A Box from We Can Do All Things

32. New on the Shelves from Taming the Goblin

33. Money Box Activity from Taming the Goblin

34. ‘Claw Grabbing Machine’ to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills from Hands On As We Grow

35. Clay Sculptures at the Just So Festival from Nurturestore

36. Hole Punch Art from Nurturestore

37. First Steps to Sewing with Old Bear from Here Comes the Girls

38. 10 Activities for Developing Your Preschooler’s Fine Motor Skills from Smiling Like Sunshine

39. Balls, Bean Bags, and Baskets Oh My! From Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

40. Beaded Bracelets with Pasta from Mama Miss

41. PVC Pipe- Part 1 from Cute and Peculiar

42. Easy Fine Motor Fun for Younger Toddlers! from Mommy Musings and Mayhem!

43. Helping Your Child Understand Pencil Grip from Busy Kids= Happy Mom

44. Exercise What? from Little Moments

45. Pasta Letter Hunt from Little Moments

46. Lacing with a Colander from Loving My Nest

47. 7 Fun Ways to Practice Pincer Grip from Royal Baloo and Logi Bear Too

48. Fine Motor Practice Suggestions from In Lieu of Preschool

49.Foam Bead Threading & Sorting from Glittering Muffins

50.Play Dough Hedgehogs (Porcupines) from Glittering Muffins


For more fine motor skills activities check out these sensory bins.



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