6 Ways to Raise Adventurous Kids

What is more fun and exciting than going on an adventure? I think adventure beckons in all of us and all we need to do is learn to accept adventures as they come. Raising adventurous kids encourages imagination, bravery, and helps kids (and adults) live life to the fullest. Below are 6 simple and easy ways to encourage an adventurous spirit and tips to raise adventurous kids.

raise adventurous kids

Living a life full of adventure does not mean you are constantly traveling and visiting exotic places. In fact, that is something we rarely do but we instead like to inject our everyday lives with adventure. One of the most important aspect of this is cultivating a love and respect for the outdoors and the animals that inhabit them. Here are some easy ways to raise adventurous kids.

6 Ways to Raise Adventurous Kids

1. Play Outside-

I know we hear it all the time but kids’ now days really do not play outside enough. The benefits of playing outside are endless such as promoting physical health. Also playing outsides breeds adventure! You can go play in the back yard or at the local park and have a dozen adventures. Go on a bug hunt! Go discover how many different plants you can find. Collect trash to recycle and make it a game.

I guarantee if you let your child have outdoor time every single day, you will see a difference in them. Just watch them as they explore, learn, and have adventures and they will be a much happier child!

Raising adventurous kids

2. Go on a Nature Walk or Hike-

This one is in the same grain as playing out side but it takes it a step further. To me there is no greater adventure exploring the woods or other natural places and taking in all its beauty and grandeur. Collect rocks or record all the different animal tracks you see.

3. Become a Junior Explorer

Have you heard of Junior Explorers? It is a super fun subscription service for kids. Each month they send you a mission kit with fun collectibles, activities and animal facts. Each kit focuses on one habitat and the animals that inhabit them. Then you get to go online and play a game in which you go on a mission which relates to your mission kit. Kids get to feel like they are going on their very own adventure.


Raising adventurous kids

The kit and the online component are fun and educational at the same time.  My daughter loved both her kit and her online arctic mission to save a mother polar bear. She received this fun badge and bracelet along with 2 small animal toy collectables, 4 postcards, and animal facts.

What’s even more cool is at the end they get to learn about and actually give back to the animals and the habitats that they have been learning about. They earn points during each mission and Junior Explorers convert those points into actual money that goes towards conservation. Sign your child up for Junior Explorers today! and get months of adventures.

4. Go Geo-Caching-

Have you heard of geo-caching? No? Well today is the day to learn! It is essentially modern day treasure hunting that the whole family can get involved in. Hundreds of thousands of people have hidden items in essential every location in the world that are called “caches”.

You can download the geo-caching app and you use the app as a compass to find the coordinates of the caches and you also have clues and hints you can use as well. Often times the cache has something you can take but be sure to leave something of equal value for the next person! Just trust me on this, it is SO much fun. Everyone in your family will love it. Treasure hunting? That is a pretty big adventure if you ask me. For geocaching 101 this you can watch this video.

5. Go to the Zoo, Aquarium, and Aviary-

We absolutely love going to these places and learning about the different animals that are located all over the world. These are great places to bring up tough subjects such as endangered species, conservation, habitats and much more.

6. Be Spontaneous-

I will let you know I am not spontaneous by nature, I am someone who plans things out months (or years in advance) and likes routine because it helps me feel in control. But you can be spontaneous even if you are more structured person, even small things done spontaneously can inject so much fun into your and your kids’ lives.

Decide last minute to go to the park or to the pool. Have breakfast for dinner. Have dessert first. Plan a day that you are free and can spend as a family and just get in the car and just drive until you come across something that is fun and random to do. Go on a spontaneous picnic.

So get outside, explore and go on your own adventures! You and your kids won’t be sorry, you just might have the best time of your lives!

Sign your child up for Junior Explorers today! It was something we thoroughly enjoyed!

I received a free month subscription to Junior Explorers to review for this post. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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