9 Easy Toddler Activities That Take Little to No Setup

Do you need a second to breathe, cook dinner, or drink your coffee uninterrupted? I am right there with you! Young toddlers can sometimes be the hardest to entertain and seem to need you when you are trying to get something done. That is why I am always trying to find easy toddler activities that I can set up without much forethought or energy. Below you’ll find 9 easy toddler activities that take little to no setup and will keep your toddler’s attention, short as it may be.

9 Easy Toddler Activities 

1.Basket or bowl full of random kitchen items

I don’t know what it is about random assortments of household things but they keep my toddler’s attention more than their toys a majority of the time. Just grab them and let them play with them.

Easy Toddler Activities simple water sensory

2. A box

It is a joke in our house that our kids don’t need toys for Christmas, all they need is a box.  There is just something about a plain ol’ box it is such a great way for kids to come up with such imaginative ways to play with it.

So you can give them just a box or crayons to draw on the box or you could give them this kitchen tools and let them bang on the box. Regardless, you will be amazed what a simple box can be used for.

Easy Toddler Activities box


3. Cut up some pipe cleaner and give them an empty spice container and let them put the pipe cleaner through the holes

Bonus- it is a great fine motor activity, great for toddlers. Score!

Easy Toddler Activities Simple Quick pipe cleaner


4. Colander and Pipe Cleaner

This is a great one because it is an awesome fine motor toddler activity!

Easy Toddler Activities simple piper cleaner kitchen


5. Pom Poms in a water bottle

I love this one because it is one that the younger toddlers like and even my preschooler loves it.
Easy Toddler Activity simple pom poms

6. Mini Sensory Bin

This activity is on the messy side but put them on a mess mat (I use an plastic shower curtain liner) and this will keep them busy for a long time!
Easy Toddler Activities simple sensory rice

7. Cup Towers

Like boxes, my toddler comes up with such creative uses for plastic cups.
Easy Toddler Activities simple cups

 8. Water Play

Put a bit of water in a bowl with some measuring cups and spoon and put them on a towel and you have a super fun activity that will definitely keep their attention!

Toddler Activities easy water


9. Playdough with kitchen items

Give them some playdough along with some cookie cutters, potato masher, straws etc.


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