Edible Baby Paint With Greek Yogurt

Every parent knows that the first things that babies do is put things in their mouth. Every. Single. Thing. Finger painting has many educational, developmental, and creative benefits. This is an edible baby paint recipe that will let your baby explore with finger painting without you having to worry about them putting it in their mouth!

Edible Baby Paint

It not only is non-toxic and edible but this baby paint actually tastes good! It is a fun activity for your baby while they are sitting in their highchair. For toddlers you can use on finger painting paper.

For this edible baby paint you will need

-Plain 0% fat greek yogurt (any brand)
Food coloring of your choice
-Small containers (I used empty baby food jars)

How to Make Greek Yogurt Edible Paint

Add yogurt to empty containers
edible baby paint

Then add a few drops of food coloring to each jar

edible baby paint


edible baby paint

and Voila, you have paint!

Easy peasy and oh so fun! You can add in cookie cutters or other kitchen items as a fun addition to this activity. Toddlers love using a potato masher to mash the yogurt paint.

The jars should be stored in your refrigerator for later use.

edible baby paint

You can use this for finger painting, bath tub painting, or in the highchair. This edible paint is messy but there is so much value is messy play but a tip is to use this edible baby paint right before a bath! Then you don’t have to worry about them getting it all over themselves. I usually strip them down to their diaper and let them paint away! And when they’re done, straight into the bath.

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