Beach Treasure Hunt for Kids

Ah, the beach. Summer wouldn’t quite be complete without a beach trip. Make your trip extra fun this year with this fun beach treasure hunt. This pirate treasure hunt idea is perfect for kids of all ages but is especially a big hit with the preschool age group. Because what preschooler doesn’t love pirates and treasure?

Beach treasure hunt

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What you need for the beach treasure hunt:

  • A container for the treasure ( you can use an actual treasure chest but if you can’t find one any container works, make it extra cute with some pirate stickers).
  • Loot- I did a bunch of little toys from the dollar store, candy, gold coins, pirate party favors.

Here is my treasure chest. I could not find a real one and so I decorated a normal plastic bin with some pirate stickers. Kids loved it!

beach treasure hunt

We had multiple kids in our group and so I had plenty of toys for each kid and then a pirate sack that they each could use to gather their treasure.

We buried the treasure and then put some sticks on top in a “X” so that the kids could find it. You could get more creative and create a map but we just gave them the clue that the “X” marks the spot and let them go at it.

beach treasure hunt

They had so much fun looking for the treasure. When they found it they started digging!

beach treasure hunt

Then examined their loot!

beach treasure hunt


beach treasure hunt

This beach treasure hunt is such a easy and fun way to bring extra excitement to your summer beach trip. It will be something your kids will talk about for months! This could also be done in your backyard if you have a sandpit!

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