Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Activity for Kids

I don’t know about you but I think very kid goes through a dinosaur stage. Let’s face it dinosaurs are just super cool. My oldest is a dinosaur enthusiast and so I set up this edible dinosaur fossil excavation activity. It is a little bit science, a little bit history, and all kinds of fun. This dinosaur activity to this day is still my daughter’s absolute favorite. In preparation for this activity we made dinosaur fossils and went to the Natural History Museum. This is great for toddlers who put everything in their mouth since the dirt is edible!

Dinosaur fossil Excavation Activity for Kids

For this activity you’ll need:

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Activity


First put your fossils in the bottom of your container and then fill with your fake “dirt”. I used cake mix, crushed oreos, and whole wheat flour but you could use just one of these materials if you wanted even real dirt!

I loved the different texture each provided and the realistic dirt look that the combination of the 3 had. Then add your rocks (I washed them before adding).

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Activity


Then bring in your little Paleontologist and get to excavating!


Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Activity

She found a fossil and knew exactly what to do and got her brush to dust it off. When she would find another one, she would very excitedly shout “there’s another one!”.

dinosaur fossil excavation activity


She cleaned them off like a pro.

dinosaur fossil excavation activity

We talked about each fossil that she uncovered and we made observations about them. We talked about which dinosaur they belonged to and facts about each particular dinosaur. For older kids you can get a lot more in depth.

dinosaur fossil excavation activity


This was such a fun and highly educational activity. We got to talk about dinosaurs, what fossils are and how they are created. I was really pleased with how well it went over with my daughter and I loved how real the dirt looked and I didn’t need to worry about her putting it in her mouth. We will definitely be doing this one again.

TIP: For the mess use a “mess mat” for easy cleanup. I just use a plastic shower curtain liner. This would also be a great outdoor activity. 


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