Easter Sensory Bin

Want an activity that will calm your child and engage them providing hours of play? Then you want to put together a sensory bin? Don’t know what a sensory bin is or what is so great about them. No problem, Click here for more benefits of sensory bins. The fun thing is that they learn so much through play with sensory bins. When your child is done, simply put the lid on and bring out again for more play later!

Easter Sensory Bin

For This Easter Sensory Activity You’ll Need:

Put the rice in the bottom and arrange the eggs, decor and scoopers in the container

Easter Sensory bin

First she used the plastic eggs to scoop up rice and transfer it to the Easter bucket

Easter Sensory Bin


Next she become smitten with the little chicks.

Easter Sensory Bin


I talked to her about how baby chicks come from eggs and so she put the chick inside one of the plastic eggs. This is an example of how you can use sensory bins to introduce new concepts to small children.

Easter Sensory Bin

Next, she used the plastic eggs to transfer rice into each hand which was great for hand-eye coorination

Easter Sensory Bin


Next, she gathered all the little “baby” eggs as she called them and put them in her bucket, counting them as she went.

Easter Sensory Bin


For the remainder of the time she used the bin for pretend play. She put the baby chicks “night night”.

Easter Sensory Bin


This was such a fun sensory bin. We loved the bright and vibrant spring colors. This is a sensory bin that we will be getting a lot of use out of this spring! It is such a fun way to learn through play!

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rainbow sensory bin

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