Edible Pudding Paint Recipe- Great for Babies and Toddlers!

You want to expose your baby or toddler to paint but you know the first thing they’ll do is put it in their mouth. That’s why I love this edible pudding paint recipe for finger painting. What’s not to love? Your toddler or baby gets to be creative, explore through their senses and you don’t have to worry about them tasting it. It’s the best of both worlds. It is also a great activity for fostering creativity!

We have made a few other edible paint recipes like this great greek yogurt finger paint. We especially love the greek yogurt recipe but I thought why not sweeten it up a bit? Enter the Pudding Paint.

Edible Pudding Paint Recipe great activity at home for toddlers and babies.


For This Pudding Paint Recipe Activity you will Need:
Vanilla pudding
Food coloring



Prepare the pudding per the directions

When the pudding is prepared, divide the pudding equally into 4 containers (or how ever many colors you want)

Add the food coloring and stir!

EASY as that!

I laid out the paint and some extra tools that I thought she could use.

She used the pipe cleaner to dip in the paint

She started out with the pom pom by dipping them in the paint before she decided it was more fun to put them in her mouth. I had to watch her very carefully and I think we will be saving pom pom fun for the future!

She was having a blast painting and TASTING.

The pudding makes a very nice smooth texture that I am sure feels great and makes a great sensory activity and experience.

The end result wasI think more ended up in her mouth than on the paper!

This is such a fun way to let your little budding artist get their hands (literally) dirty and explore their creativity without you having to worry abut them putting their hands in their mouth.

– Put on some play clothes that you don’t care about getting dirty
-Use a mess mat ( I use a dollar store plastic shower curtain)
-Do right before bath time!

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