Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? The whimsy, the adventure, and the magic? Fairy tales and storytelling go hand and hand with childhood and for a reason, read about the importance of story telling and fairy tales.  If you are like me and are not a natural story teller, I found this post Storytelling 101: Tell Stories Your Kids Will Love to be incredibly useful. I thought it would be fun to make a fairy wand craft this week since it is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day on February 26th!


Fairy Wand Crafts for Kids. Princess Fairy Craft

To make a fairy wand you’ll need:

How to Make Your Fairy Wand

Let your child paint the dowel

Fairy Wand Craft

Cut out a star from the cardboard and let your child paint, decorate, and add glitter to the star.

Fairy Wand Craft

When it is dry, use the glue gun (adults only) to glue the star to the dowel.

Fairy Wand Craft



Tie ribbon in a secure knot to make the streamers

Fairy Wand Craft

Now your little fairy is ready to get to making some bippity-boppity magic! This not only was a fun craft to make but it is something you can keep for dress up!

Fairy Wand Craft

To finish off Tell a Fairy Tale Day, we acted out a fairy tale! My daughter acted out Cinderella with the shoe and all!

Fairy Wand Craft

It was so fun to do this fairy wand craft and see my daughter’s eyes light up. Fairy tales bring such wonder and whimsy to childhood and this is such a simple way to add to it.

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