6 Tips to be a Happier Mom

I started to think of happiness not as something to be achieved or the end goal but instead happiness is the everyday moments that fulfill us, that melt our heart and make it fill with joy.

Be happy as a mom

Some days have more moments of happiness than others but if you really pay attention and are conscious in your day, you will see that your days are filled with extreme joy. Motherhood specifically is filled with these moments.

I used to struggle with feeling unhappy with my life. Feeling grumpy because of sleep deprivation or waiting for the stage of tantrums to be over. But by being present and mindful in my day, I have realized that I am already happy and I need to really enjoy the small moments of happiness in my life. Because that is what our lives consist of, moments.

When we look back on our lives, it is going to be the moments we remember. It is my hope that I can recognize and appreciate the joyous moments in my life.

6 Tips to Finding Happiness

1. Redefine what your definition of happiness is.

Happiness is not an accumulation of things or specific life events, happiness comes from learning to appreciate the happy moments in our lives that occur everyday. When we change our perspective and expectations, happiness will come.

2.Be conscious and deliberate in your day 

This will allow you to be able to recognize the love and happiness that surrounds you. Try to focus on the positive and not the negative.

3. Create a gratitude journal

I have found when you take time everyday to recognize your blessings and really be grateful for them, you are a more happy person.

Happiness in motherhood

4.Be present.

Find 1-2 times each day where you can be completely present with your kids. Turn off your phone or any other distractions and spend this time connecting with your child.

I have noticed that when I am conscious in this, I get more out of our time spent together and they behave better because they feel that connection.

5. Nurture your passions and interests.

Mommy is a person, a person with unique talents and interests. It is so easy for moms to forget who they are in the endless service that they provide for their families.

While this is such important work, moms need to remember that it is important for them to thrive and not just survive.

So follow your passions. Start a business, read a book, go to the gym. Find what makes you happy and do it! A happy mom makes a happy family.

6. Remember that this season of life will soon pass

Try to remember that childhood last but such short time and there will come a time when we miss the dirty diapers and the endless piles of toys.

Remember that you have to live the hardships of raising young children in order to experience of the joyous moments as well.

*I did want to say that I have experience Post-Partum Depression, so if you believe you are struggling with depression I urge you to seek help.

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