Indoor Obstacle Course

I think we’ve all  had those days when we’re stuck inside for whatever reason (weather, illness, etc) and the day seems like it might never end. The kids start to bicker and fight from boredom and you find your patience running thin.

This easy to setup indoor obstacle course activity that’s sure to give your child some much needed entertainment and way to burn off that extra energy which will help maintain their sanity and yours!

Indoor Obstacle for Kids. Great Activitiy for kids to do at home.

This indoor activity is really so simple; all you need to do is gather up some household items. What you gather will largely depend on the age of your child and their skill level.

For this indoor obstacle course activity you’ll need:

  • An assortment of household items that can be used as “obstacles”
  • Pillows to jump or roll over
  • Chairs and a blanket to make a tunnel
  • A pool noodle to step over
  • A large beach ball to go around
  • Pillows, blankets and chairs to mark the edges of the course

Indoor obstacle course for kids

For older children, to add more intrigue and challenge during the obstacle course, you could have them perform some sort of activity such as a puzzle or block structure after completing each obstacle. Since this was my daughter’s first obstacle course, and she is only 16 months, I kept it very simple.

Set up your course

Demonstrate to your child what they are supposed to do by going through the obstacle course yourself. Have fun with it!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Indoor obstacle course

She found the pool noodle!

Indoor obstacle courseShe loved crawling through the “cave”.

Indoor obstacle course

She had a lot of fun with this indoor obstacle course activity. It definitely burned off some of her energy! And after she was done we crawled up underneath the text to read some books together. So next time you are stuck inside and about to lose your mind, just grab some pillow and blankets and have fun!

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