10 Life Skills to Teach Your Child Before They Turn 7

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. That’s because a parent’s influence on his/her child is paramount. The first years of life, in particular, are crucial when it comes to brain development (based on this source).

By the age of seven, the main functions of their adult brain are already developed. And there isn’t any other person in the world that has such an influence on you, than the caregiver.

Life Skills to Teach Child

As overwhelming as this may seem, it is also a wonderful opportunity of establishing a strong bond. The first thing you should grant your children is unconditional love. That makes them grow into successful adults.

That being said, we would like to list the top things you should teach your kids, before turning 7. A Jesuit proverb says Give me a child until the age of seven, and I will give you a man. So, what should you teach your little one to develop harmoniously?

10 Things You Should Teach Your Kids before They Turn 7


  1. How to be thankful

According to studies, gratitude is linked to life satisfaction for both children and adults. Without a doubt, you want your children to be happy with their lives, right?

Promoting the concept of life appreciation and gratitude is fundamental for everything in life. Try to talk to your children about the things you’re grateful for. Saying small things such as I enjoy spending time with you are little, yet powerful practices.

You should teach your offspring to concentrate on the things learned, as opposed to a good grade. This doesn’t mean you don’t recognize achievements. It’s about aiding your children to cope with mistakes productively since they are a part of our lives. 

2. How to be helpful and compassionate

Being compassionate and empathic when it comes to other people’s feelings is another important lesson. In this respect, note that, even though children listen to what you’re saying, they are observing your actions at all times.

By practicing compassion and empathy in your relationship, you could instill that. Of course, there is a long road ahead, but promoting this approach from an early age is worth it.

3. The Importance of honesty

Honesty is a crucial value that is implemented from an early age. One way of promoting the value of honesty is by being an honest person yourself.

And secondly, you shouldn’t overreact when your kid lies. A helpful approach would be aiding your little one to distinguish between lies and the truth.

4. How to be generous

Parents often consider that children are naturally generous and loving. Although this is true, to some extent, loving sentiments should be reciprocated.

You should let your kid see you demonstrate affection and generosity to the people in your life. It goes without saying that you should use every occasion to show your child that you love him/her.

Based on statistics, warmth in the parent-child relation is linked to positive outcomes, such as better communication, fewer behavioral problems, and high self-esteem.

5. Social Interaction

Teaching your children how to engage in conversation is an important social skill. Some kids are shy, which could make it harder for them to communicate.

Still, practice makes perfect, and by engaging in conversations daily, you’ll teach your child how to communicate.

6. Manners

Saying thank you and please is a part of everyday life. Instilling these sayings in your little one’s vocabulary promotes gratitude.

7. How to be Empathetic

Empathy might seem like a big word for a 7-year-old. Still, by addressing his/her needs and promoting sympathy, you can implement this in his/her character. A starting point is trying to make your little one understand the similarities they share with other people.

10 things to teach children before 7

8. How to compromise

Children also need to comprehend that things cannot always go as they want. Teaching them the importance of compromise is a vital way of showing them that the world doesn’t revolve around their wishes.

9. Taking Turns When Appropriate

Sharing is the Achilles heel of each kid (and adult to be honest). Of course, this doesn’t mean imposing on your child to share when he/she doesn’t want to. This could cause other problems.

What you should do is try to make him/her understand what makes sharing important, as this promotes empathy, respect, and compromise.

10. How to manage strong emotions

Everyone experiences a multitude of contradicting feelings. At a young age, in particular, children don’t comprehend where these emotions come from.

Your responsibility, as a parent, is to help them organize their feelings and sort them. This is an ongoing lesson that takes place until adulthood (we should know).

These are only some of the many responsibilities we, as parents have. It takes patience and time, but the education we provide is crucial for your children’s development. Not only during their childhood but during adulthood as well.

What other practices do you consider being just as important? Let us know – we are curious to hear them out!

Dennies John is a self-made barista and founder of DrippedCoffee. When he’s not brewing coffee, you can find him playing with his kids or watching his favorite TV shows.


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  1. My son turns 6 in August. Having read your list, I feel like we’re doing a stellar job raising him. Still a bit of ground to cover as far always being kind goes, but we’re getting there soon

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