Mini Sensory Bin

We love sensory bins around here. This mini sensory bin is great for when you don’t have much time to put into a regular size sensory bin or if you would like to contain the mess to the top of table. This mini sensory bin allows for fun sensory play without much preparation. We used the rice that was made during our color rice activity.

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Sensory bins have so many benefits and this particular one also allows for pretend play which is an added bonus! This sensory bin is great for Halloween or just for everyday.

For this mini sensory bin activity you’ll need:

  • bowl or small plastic container
  • Rice
  • spoon, whisk, or anything you have on hand
  • Plastic bugs (we used the same ones from our Halloween art project)

Put your rice in your container and all your accessories. It is easy as that. Put it in an empty plastic wipe case for on the go sensory play!

First she wanted to stir the rice with a spoon and whisk

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids

Then she wanted to dig straight in and use her hands to bury the bugs in the rice. She said that she was going to play like the rice was dirt.

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids


Then she was pretending like they were eating the rice

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids


She said “look mommy, it is flying!”, don’t you just love their imagination at this age?

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids

I loved that this rice sensory bin allowed her to play pretend with bugs while also getting the benefits of sensory play. This activity was a bit messy, to help contain the mess I used a cardboard mat underneath and when she was done I wiped all the rice onto the board and put them back in the container. I put a lid on the container and I will keep it for future play.

TIP: Do sensory bins on a mess mat, I always use a plastic shower liner that I get from the dollar store or let them play right before you plan on sweeping or vacuuming anyways.

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