Spring Bucket List With Free Printable

Do you want to do fun activities with your kids and as a family for spring but not sure where to begin? We love making bucket lists as a way of organizing and prioritizing the most important things that we would like to do as a family in any given season or holiday. We have done one for summer, fall, and Christmas and now a spring bucket list!

Here are some ideas for your family’s spring bucket list! Sign up at the end of this post to get your FREE Spring Bucket List Printable!

Spring Bucket list activities to do with kids family

10 Spring Activities for Kids and Families

1. Visit a farm and see the baby animals

2. Feed ducks

3. Take a nature walk

4. Picnic in the park

5. Fly a kite

6. Play a game of miniature golf

7. Splash and Dance in the rain

8. Visit the zoo

9. Plant a flower

10. Visit botanical gardens

Bonus- Do a Spring Craft

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