Melting Popsicle Summer Craft

What are the things you think about when imaging summer? This is the exact question I asked my kids when trying to think of a fun summer craft idea to put in ourĀ frames (each season or holiday we make a new art piece to go in these frames that hang in our house). They listed fireworks, flowers, BBQs, camping, and melting popsicles as things that remind them of summers. That last week really stuck with me. What is summer without popsicles? But due to the hot weather, half the time they are melting down your hand before you can finish. Am I right?

summer craft for kids

I thought it would be fun to make a melting popsicle craft. It is super easy and so much fun to make and turned out so cute.

What you need to make a melting popsicle summer craft-

  • 2 pieces of heavy duty paper
  • liquid water colors
  • popsicle stick
  • pipette
  • scissors
  • glue stick


How to Make a Melting Popsicle Craft

First mix your color choice of water color with some water in a small bowl.

Next have your child draw a popsicle shape on a piece of paper and have them paint it all with the water color.

No need to stay in any lines because you cut it out later! I love this because my 3 year old could do it just as easily as my 6 year old!

summer craft popsicle

Let it dry completely and then cut it out and glue the popsicle stick and popsicle to a second sheet of paper.

summer craft popsicle

Next comes the fun! My girls were so excited about this part. Have them grab a pipette or two and squeeze the liquid water colors down the bottom of their “popsicle” to mimic melting. Put a paper towel underneath to catch the runoff.

summer craft popsicle

Let dry completely. This summer craft was so fun and turned out so cute and it is just the image of summer!

summer craft popsicle

summer popsicle

We hung them in our frames, the girls couldn’t wait to show them off!

summer craft

This simple summer craft is a great way to kick off summer. For more summer ideas you might like this printable summer bucket list or pick one of these super fun outdoor summer activities.

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