Top 12 Books for Strong Girls

As a mother of 2 girls (and 1 boy), it is very important to me that they are surrounded of positive examples of strong, smart, and independent girls and women. Since we absolutely love reading, I am always on the lookout for books for girls that show these positive depictions.

While I think these types of books are great for boys and girls, I think that it is especially crucial for girls to have access to a variety of books that feature strong girls as the main character which sadly is lacking in a lot of children’s media.

By doing so I hope to avoid negative gender stereotypes and to raise empowered girls!

Below you will find a list of our favorites.

Best Books for Strong Girls


Top 12 Picture Books About Strong Girls

1.My Name is Not Isabella

This follows a little girl named Isabella who pretends to be famous and strong women throughout history. It is a fun story and a great way to introduce young girls to strong historical women.

2. Paper Bag Princess

This is a great book that flips the traditional princess stereotypes and has a princess who outwits a dragon with her smarts to save the prince!

3. Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

This is a great book that helps kids understand that it is okay to be different. It also has a great message about kindness and forgiveness.

4. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink

This is a fun little book for those who love princesses but you want them to know that princesses can do more than just wear pink and look pretty. These princesses run, play sports, and much more all while wearing their tiaras.

5. The Princess Knight

This book is also a great one for those who love princesses. This book breaks common stereotypes for princesses and features a princess who is the hero of her story!

6. I Like Myself!

This is a short fun rhyming book that teaches self-acceptance. The illustrations are fun. We both love reading this one

7. Willow

This is a great book on teaching kids that it is okay to be different! It is about a girl who refuses to conform and resists pressure to be like everyone else. This also has such fun illustrations.

8. Raising Dragons

This is a great book about a girl who find a dragon egg. She then raises the dragon, it helps teach kids to believe in themselves and follow their passions.

9. Isabella: Star of the Story

This is another one following a little girl named Isabella but this time she pretends to be different characters in famous children’s literature. It is a very fun and whimsical book.

9: Isabella: Girl on the go

This one is another adventure for the Isabella series. This one she is a jet-setter, pretending to travel to different countries and landmarks. I think this is a great one to encourage adventure and also is great in introducing girls to geography.

11. Priscilla McDoodlenutDoodleMcMae Asks Why?

We love this book so much. This is a book about diversity, world peace and how one person can make a difference by asking one simple question…”why?”.

12.  Imogene’s Last Stand

This is a book about a brave and tenacious girl who takes a stand to protect her house that is a historical place and is being threatened with demolition. She is a great role model!

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