Valentine’s Day Science Fizzy Brew Activity

This sensory and Valentine’s Day science experiment activity was not planned but happened as a result of the aftermath of our Love Potion Science Experiment for Kids.

The love potion explosions made such cool glittery bubbles that my daughter just couldn’t resist playing in it. I thought that this would be a fun activity even outside of the science experiment and thought I would share it with you. 

Valentine's Day Science Experiment Activity

For Valentine’s Fizzy Brew You Need:

Step 1. Put an even layer of baking soda in the bottom of a baking pan.

Step 2. Mix the vinegar, kool-aid packet, and glitter

Step 3.  Pour the vinegar in the baking sheet and observe the cool fizzing effect.

Step 4. Add your cookie cutters and play!

Step 5. She loved how it fizzed and bubbled

Valentine's Day Science Experiment

And of course couldn’t resist putting her hands in it!

Valentine's Day Science Experiment

She loved pushing the cookie cutters in the brew which caused the baking soda at the bottom to fizz

Valentine's Day Science Experiment

It was so pretty and so much fun!

Valentine's Day Science Experiment

This Valentine’s Science Experiment Fizzy Brew activity was a huge hit. It was so easy to throw together and I dumped it into a plastic bowl with a lid for future use.

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