Water Balloon Towel Toss Game

Are you looking for a fun game or activity for your family BBQ or summer party? This is a simple water balloon game that is great for the whole family. It is super fun and a great way to stay cool on a hot day! This water balloon towel toss game is the most fun summer activity that kids and adults love.

Water Balloon Game. Great Summer Activity for Kids and Family. Game for BBQ and Party. Summer Game

For This Water Balloon Game You’ll Need:
Beach towels
Water balloons 

OK if you fill up water balloons the old fashioned way, stop and run to get these water balloons that you can fill up 200 in 60 seconds! I thought they were too good to be true but I have tried them and they are life changing.

Water Balloon Game

How to Play Water Balloon Towel Toss

Fill up water balloons 

Water Balloon Game

There are two teams and each person holds on to a side of the towel

Water Balloon Game

Put the balloon in the center of the towel

Water Balloon Game

Toss the balloon using a snapping motion with your towel and the other team has to try to catch it. It may take a few tries!

Water Balloon Game

If they catch it they take a step back for an extra challenge. If a team does not catch the balloon then the other team gets a point.

Don’t be surprised if it turns into a water balloon fight!

Water Balloon Game

 Ours turned into capture the flag from the middle while the opposite team pelts you with water balloons!

Water Balloon Game Water Balloon Game

 Fun times were had by all, even the adults got in on the fun at our summer BBQ. This Water Balloon game is a winner for you summer party!

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